Thrifting Done Right, Part 2

We covered strategy–your overarching approach to The Thrift–in Thrifting Done Right, Part 1.  Now it’s time for tactics–how you actually operate in store.  If this is sounding like a military operation or a major league playbook, please excuse my enthusiasm.  And remember, I’m not here to be a thrift dictator, so take the principles you like and make them your own.


Not this guy.

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Thrifting Done Right, Part 1

Thrift store shopping can be overwhelming for the uninitiated–aisles upon aisles of clothes, a mishmash of styles and colors that looks like a muppet threw up everywhere, and the siren call of cheap, cheap prices that can make you think “It’s only $3…I can buy 10 shirts here for the same amount I’d spend on one shirt retail!”  Even people who are thrift pros still occasionally get sucked into the vortex of inexpensive and plentiful clothing.

This post covers some basic strategies for your approach to thrifting.  Part 2 covers tactics for once you’re in the store (see what I did there?  Strategies are for how you look at the forest, while tactics are the methods you use to negotiate individual trees…or something).  Oh, and let’s be generous about the “done right” part–I’m not here to be a thrift dictator, so take the principles you like and make them your own. Continue reading “Thrifting Done Right, Part 1”

What I Don’t Thrift

I’d say 95% of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores.  The other 5%?  Christmas gifts from my mom and mother-in-law, the occasional fair trade or Made-in-USA (where labor practices can be monitored) item, and things you just don’t really want to buy in a thrift store (your mileage may vary):


The Monet-esque pattern here is making me rethink not thrifting bathing suits…as is the amount of money I spent on buying my last suit retail.



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To Thrift or Not to Thrift

…like that’s even a question.

Okay, for me–an avowed thrift-vangelist who dresses almost entirely* in thrift store finds and who believes EVERYbody can find SOMEthing that’ll make their heart beat faster at their local Goodwill or Salvation Army–it’s not a question.  But maybe for you, it’s a legit quandary–maybe you’re curious about thrifting or looking for a more economical or ethical way to shop, but the rows upon rows of donated clothing seem overwhelming.  Or maybe you’re wondering how that thrifty coworker of yours always seems to find the coolest pieces at the second hand store while you never seem to find anything but fuchsia muumuus and old lady loafers in that weird greige color.  Well, this post is for you–to help you determine if thrift shopping is for YOU.


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