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Holy Grail: a just-right piece that ticks all the boxes for your ideal of that type of garment; often found after a long and patient search.  May also refer to finding a rare or luxury brand worth far more than the price tag assigned to it.  Example: “I’d been searching for the perfect blazer for forever and I finally found the Holy Grail: it’s my preferred color and cut, it’s a quality design, and it has the lapel I love and pockets right where I want ’em.  And it fits like a glove!”

Thrift Unicorn: The thing you can NEVER find at the thrift store…so stealthy and magical you’re not sure it even exists, but you can’t quite quit believing it’s out there.  Example: “My brother keeps looking for slim-fit work pants in his size and inseam but never finds exactly the right combination.  They’re like his thrift unicorn.”

Thrift Upgrade: When you find a version the quality/fit/style/fabric/whatever of which you like better than that of your current version and make that puppy your own.  BAM!

Wardrobe Exponent: an attractive thrift find which, if bought, would require you to buy several other pieces to make it work with your existing wardrobe.  Example: “I didn’t realize that mulberry skirt I bought was going to be such a wardrobe exponent, but it doesn’t go with ANYTHING I have so I’m going to need to buy 3 or 4 more tops to make it worth it.”

Thrift Lust: The irrational feeling experienced when the allure of a piece of clothing drowns out one’s style conscience (see below), making it seem like a good idea to buy something one neither needs nor will actually wear.  Example: “Ooh, I have thrift lust for these shoes so bad–they’re only half a size too small but the color is so fun and I love the style…maybe I’ll just wear them at work and take them off under my desk.”

Placeholder: An item you get at the thrift store when you just have to fill a hole in your wardrobe until a better item comes along.  Usually not your ideal item, but will do the trick.  Example: “This bag is really just a placeholder–my old one fell apart/got eaten by the dog/run over by a tractor and since I use my bag every day, I just needed something to tide me over while I look for the perfect fit.”

Thrift Camaraderie: the communal dynamic wherein complete strangers will comment, unsolicited, on one’s choice of garment (either positively or negatively).  Can influence buying decisions; definitely makes thrifting more fun.
Example: you hold up dress – lady next to you in line for fitting room says: “Honey, you HAVE to get that – it’s fabulous!”  Or, you come out to model a prospective purchase for your friend; stranger says: “Darlin’, that’s got some serious cameltoe going on there; I’d leave it alone.  Too bad, though – it’s really cute! Mind if I try it on?”

Capsule Wardobe: A curated mix of pieces that all go together.  Often limited to a certain number of items.  Example: “I’m trying to build my fall capsule wardrobe but I’m not sure if this sweater will go with the pairs of pants I’m including in my (##) pieces of clothing.”

Uniform: A signature silhouette made over and over again from similarly cut pieces.  Example: “My outfits for work are always made up of a bold pencil skirt, neutral blouse, cardigan, and kitten heels.  Never varies –I’m a uniform kind of gal.”

Slow Style: A manner of curating one’s wardrobe that avoids impulse buys in favor of considered purchases that ultimately build a cohesive wardrobe truly expressive of an individual’s style.  Example: “I’m really trying to embrace slow style — I’m not making any more shopping trips until I figure out what I actually wear, what the holes in my wardrobe are, and how I want to fill them in a way that means I’ll end up loving all the clothes I have.”

Style Conscience: That little voice that, when listened to, guides one’s shopping to be consistent with what one needs and will actually wear.   Example: “I was about to buy a sequined tank top–it fit, and it was a neutral that would go with most of my bottoms–but then my style conscience kicked in and reminded me that sequins make me scratchy and I already have enough tops.  Back to the rack it went!”

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