Happy Thriftsgiving: Cookin’ and Thriftin’

Happy Thanksgiving, American Readers!

In honor of the food-friendly holiday, my friends Rob and Daman over at Chefs-N-Giggles (ahh, the punnery!) have put together a great post on finding props for food photos at the thrift store.  If you are a food blogger, meal instagrammer, or just want inspiration on how to make your platings look good, head over to their blog—pause to mop up your drool over their tasty culinary concoctions—and then head to the thrift store!

Fun Find: Props for Food Photosphoto credit: Chefs-N-Giggles

I will add my own two cents by saying that we’ve found everything from Mason jars to Le Parfait jars to coffee pots to travel mugs to potato mashers to pastry cutters to bread machines ($7!!) at the thrift store.  They’re jackpots for everyday cooking utensils, weird appliances (see: pasta grabber, above), and the types of cooking gadgets people spend a lot of money on and then never use.  (Seriously, if you dig homemade bread, hit up a thrift store and score a $175+ bread machine for under $10.  WORTH IT.)


What kinds of kitchen-related gadgets have you thrifted (or avoided thrifting)?  Scroll down to answer!

And since it’s Thanksgiving for my American readers, why don’t we share what inspires gratitude in us this time of year?  I’ll start: I’m grateful for this blog as a creative outlet for my thrifting passion, and YOU readers for helping to make it a community!  Scroll down to share your own gratitude.

See ya next week, Thrifters!  (If I’m lucky you’ll get a fun thriftstore review with pics from a newly working phone to chronicle bizarre/epic thrift finds….)