A (Very) Brief Hiatus

Hello faithful readers! Just a short note to let you know that as I work on some personal projects, finish up the busiest part of my work year, and get ready for our trip to Ireland at the end of the month, I’ll be slowing down on posts. I promise to be back up and running with a “what I’m packing in my carryon” post before the end of the month.  I very well may have a few more posts before then since I have to dress myself everyday anyway and I basically never stop thrifting. :)

In the meantime, I’d still love to hear your travel tips if any of you have been to Ireland.  (Thanks Carol for your great recs the last time I mentioned this!)  To give you an idea of where we’ll be (and thus what attractions we might see): we’ll start in Dublin, head down to Glendalough for a day hike, drive over to Galway/Connemara for a couple days, and then I get to co-officiate my college best friend’s wedding (!!) in Spanish Point before heading back to Dublin for an afternoon.  I’m trying to convince the spouse to do an afternoon of curling/Irish football in there but he watched a match online and thinks he’ll die. Ha.  Scroll down to share!

In the meantime, happy thrifting!


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