Fixing Your Thrifted Jewelry

Happy Groundhog Day!  If you’re into all things Groundhoggish and/or Bill Murray, you might enjoy this post I wrote on another blog, in honor of the holiday.


Having a toddler means many things…but the one that comes to mind right now is:

Broken jewelry.

My child has gone through three of my necklaces recently, and since I try to keep a wardrobe of things I love to wear, including accessories, they were all favorites. One I haven’t yet figured out how to fix, but the other two are back in working condition thanks to a few simple tools I keep in a jewelry kit:


I’d recommend:

Mini needle-nosed pliers
Mini wire cutters
Beading wire/silk thread/fishing line for re-stringing
Spare earring backs, either the metal or clear rubbery kind (I’m always losing these)
Head pins and earwires if you want to make earrings or pendants
Jump Rings


Having a kit like this around keeps your baubles blinging longer and saves the $$ you’d pay someone else to fix it or buy a replacement. You can re-string a necklace that’s snapped or re-jig dangly earrings or pendants that have been squashed out of shape. Or you can re-tool awesome jewelry you’ve thrifted but want to shorten/lengthen/strip for parts.

You can find these easily on eBay (for example) or Etsy (for example), or you might even find some of these pieces in a thrift shop after someone divests themselves of their old beading hobby supplies.


I made this necklace out of some found beads:


And fixed its chain with the pliers when my kid pulled too hard.


Same with this beaut (my Grandmother’s)–fixed the jump ring after toddler torture:



This necklace finally made a comeback after it was rather dramatically dismembered

From this:

To this—thank goodness I’d taken an instagram shot of it and could piece it back together in the right order:IMG_3040
And I’ve made these earrings (and several others I’ve passed on to friends or Goodwill when I was done with them) with random beads I’ve collected or mined from thrifted or estate sale purchases:


Have you ever made/remodeled jewelry? What’s your best thrifted/scavenged jewelry find? Scroll down to share!





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