Friday ReBlog: Closet Intentions with Jess Lively

So this ReBlog is more of a RePodcast.  I regularly listen to Jess Lively‘s podcast about figuring out what your values are in each area of your life and then intentionally living them.  A month ago she interviewed Jennaea Gearhart, a member of the Life with Intention online course, about her intentions around her closet – how it wasn’t meeting her needs and what was behind that.

Jess and Jennaea go deep into the issues represented by the latter’s closet block.  While Jennaea does mention that she’s going through the Curated Closet process from Anuschka Rees‘ new book, the bulk of the interview is about life stuff – which I find fascinating.  Because your closet isn’t going to do what you need it to do or be what you want it to be if it’s really an extension of  something unresolved elsewhere in your life.

Be warned – this was an interview recorded from within a class, so it uses some jargon that requires a little digging to understand in context.  (This primer will help.)

Overall, I think it’s a fascinating discussion about how our closets can represent other struggles in our lives – and how to shift your mindset around those areas in a way that frees up your wardrobe, too.

Take a listen here (or on iTunes or another podcast service) and let me know what you think.

Happy weekend, Thrifters!


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