Grand Opening of a New Goodwill


Fun announcement: the Decatur Goodwill on Lawrenceville Highway is opening this Thursday and yours truly will be there for a behind-the-scenes tour and a preview of their store layout and merchandise.  I am such a geek about the behind-the-scenes part…I’ve always wanted to know how Goodwill organizes the massive amount of donations that come in and out of there.  Yay!

It starts at 7am so I don’t think I’ll be live-streaming it (who wants to wake up that early??), but I will definitely Thriftstagram it.  (You can access my Instagram feed by clicking on the square pics on the righthand sidebar, or you can go to Instragram and find me @thriftshopchic.)

Would y’all be interested in a video of the tour posted later in the day/week, or would you prefer photos and written narration?



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