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Y’all. I had a little sweater/wardrobe freak out a few weeks ago. After my winter wardrobe post went up, I did some impulse thrifting and ended up with a sweater drawer that looked like this:


Holy exploding sweaters, Batman! You can’t even see all the knitwear stuffed in there.

So I had a little think about what I really wanted in my sweater collection – textures and colors I love and that have some variation, plus comfort and a great fit – and I pared it down to this:

Two of the above (upper middle) are sleeveless undershirts for layering. Sweater-wise, a few pieces got moved to my “loungewear” shelf or tucked away for next fall; but many more were donated.

Like this one and its blue-grey sibling, both post-wardrobe post additions:


I so wish these vintage Jaeger wool cowl necks would have made the cut (pun intended), but something about the cut makes them ride up after about 2 minutes of wearing. Nope.

I also said goodbye to this Ivanka Trump number for feeling too artificial (no, seriously) and laying oddly on my torso:


The original price tag was $98 but I just can’t see it – the feel is not nearly luxurious enough; my hand slides off in a weird way.

Here are the two I added in. A deliciously warm grey sweater with partially dropped sleeves and a split hem – unexpected deliciousness from Old Navy:


With a little closeup on the texture – this thing is SO. INCREDIBLY. SOFT:


This herringbone/bling/Peter Pan collared J. Crew number is just an excuse to wear something ridiculously festive:


And I LOVE IT. Not classic enough to keep forever, but for $6 it’s worth all the fun I’ll have with it in the next few months/years.

And finally, this wool blend from Nordstrom’s that’s a beautiful taupe and has a slightly oversized cut (with split hems!):


Please ignore the snail-trail line on the torso – I had just steamed it and didn’t let some of the condensation dry.

So now my sweater lineup looks like this:

IMG_6489 IMG_6500 IMG_6473 IMG_6471  IMG_3668 IMG_6513img_4240 wp_20161102_16_55_01_pro img_4497 wp_20161205_14_35_29_pro-1 IMG_20171128_205316_023 IMG_20171124_150421752

A little more trimmed down (12 instead of 14), a little more variety in color, and every piece something I love to wear.

Speaking of sweaters, they are easy to accidentally shrink in the dryer. If you have something in need of unshrinking, try using this tutorial from the good people at Tips Bulletin (no compensation for sharing this; they just suggested it might be useful to my readers and I agree!).
How’s your sweater game lately?

6 thoughts on “Sweater Edit

  1. Haha, well if you hadn’t TOLD us there was a condensation trail on your sweater, we wouldn’t have noticed.:-) I admire your sweaters, but I’m not really a sweater person myself. I mean, with our five cats and their pokey, snaggy claws, it’s probably best for me to stick with sweatshirts in the house and a wool peacoat outside the house.

    1. Hahaha… I debated not saying anything, lesson learned!
      Our cat came to us declawed in front, so I’m lucky not to have to worry about snags. But when she’s gone on to glory (she’s at least 19!), our next cat will probably have claws and I may have to rethink this whole thing…

  2. After years of not wearing sweaters, this year I have bought four. They have been worn almost every day for the past couple of weeks. Only natural fibers, though I do have one in chenille just for wearing at home. Enjoy seeing your choices.

    1. I have some chenille socks and they are the comfiest, tackiest thing I own. :) (Not saying your sweater is tacky – just that mine are neon stripes with leopard print spots on them!) What flipped the switch for you back to sweaters?

  3. Oh, you are experiencing our chilly NE winter-like weather and are purchasing sweaters in sheer panic! That is the excuse I use, anyway. I have discovered over the years that I prefer cardigans in a long, lean style instead of pullover sweaters. Cardigans can be easily taken off when I overheat without sending my hair into a fit of static weirdness. I certainly have a weakness for them, so I limit the number I buy by trying to keep to certain colors.

    1. It’s hard to keep it contained when you keep finding good stuff at the thrift store! I tend to run cold and dislike trying to keep layers flat under a traditional cardigan, so thin-ish sweaters works pretty well for me…my two “cardigans” are giant thick hip-length open sweaters if that gives you an idea :) But it’s too bad because there are some rad cardigans out there!

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