Wearing “Light Summer” Colors in the Fall

I have to admit I feel a great and growing affection for the colors in my “season” – Personal Color Analysis-speak for the range of colors that bring out the best in one’s skin tone. (See this post for a lot more on PCA.) I’m a Light Summer, and here are some of my palette’s glorious hues for my upcoming fall/winter maternity wardrobe:

Ahhhh! Happy sigh. I’m biased, of course, but I love the way Light Summer colors seem to glow from the inside like a sorbet, or popsicles, or sherbet…

…which of course, no one is excited to eat once cool fall weather arrives.

And therein lies the conundrum: none of these are “fall” colors. And because I’ve been very well trained by marketing trends and society’s idea of which colors belong to which season (thank you, Pumpkin Spice Lattes), it feels weird to look at these clothes – with nary a¬†burgundy, aubergine, mustard, or pumpkin in sight – and think of them as my “fall” wardrobe.

Of course I could go ahead and wear whatever I damn well please, sporting rust and sienna and cognac with abandon; but as I said, I’ve grown to like my colors, feel at home at them – and perhaps most definitively, see how off-kilter my skin tone looks¬†by comparison in colors that are too warm and dark (i.e. all the fall colors).

So I think I’ll stick with my palette – but use the fall (that is, next fall, since I’m already set for clothes this season) to explore the darker and more muted neutral ends of my color palette. Colors like these:

If you don’t particularly like or wear autumn colors, how do you deal with the transition to fall style?

6 thoughts on “Wearing “Light Summer” Colors in the Fall

  1. Yesterday I saw a rerun of an old 1960s show. The scene was chilly, and everyone had coats and gloves on. The star wore a light-summer blue, boiled wool coat. A co-star wore a light-summer pink, gaberdine jacket. So your wardrobe isn’t out of fashion. You’re retro cool!

    1. Excellent news!! :)
      Funny how our surroundings/culture dictate so much of what is “in style” or belongs to a particular season… with a baby on the way I’ve had more than one discussion about how blue used to be considered a girl’s color in Victorian times but now it labels your child as a boy.

  2. I’m a light spring, so I have the same conundrum. I can wear lighter navy. I also like teal for a darker color, since my eyes are a teal blue. Other than that, I just go ahead and wear my light colors, but in “cozy” fabrics.

    1. I’m a light spring too, and it took me a couple years to get over my aversion to the pastel-y palette. For fall I shift to the darker end of each color panel and as light springs we do have that light olive green shade and a buttery gold in addition to some taupes and greys. I admit that I often cheat and steal some of the deep rich greens from Light Summer, because they are my favorite colors, just not in my palette.

      1. For next year I’d love to find a sweater or two in those rich greens and darker magentas from Light Summer – I agree the greens are great! Good for you for borrowing colors you love :)

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