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A friend posted on my Facebook page this week asking for thrift styling advice.  She mentioned it would be great to have an “Ask Leah” feature where readers could send in queries re: thrift store strategy and thrifting dilemmas, how to style your thrift finds, how to make the most of your closet on a budget… anything to do with thrifted style!

Ask me a question! (3)


So send me an email at leah at thriftshopchic dot com and I very well may feature your question in a post.  Pictures happily accepted but not necessary.


Happy Weekend already–is it just me or has this week been a looooong one??


6 thoughts on “Ask Me a Question!

    1. Ooh, fun question!!! This will make a great post. Quick clarifying question–are you talking style in your play/fun/home life, or style in your work life? Since you mentioned the two wardrobes don’t really overlap.

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