What I Wore: What I Didn’t Wear

This week I’m cleaning out my closet based on what I’ve worn–or not–this summer. I like to edit my clothes at the end of the season so that a realistic view of my repertoire is fresh in my mind and I’m not tempted by pie-in-the-sky possibility: “Well, I didn’t wear that last year but maybe it’ll find new life this year….” Sometimes I do keep an under-used gem to give it a second chance to shine, either because my style has evolved or I’ve just gotten a little more creative. But for the most part, being honest about how often I’ve actually worn something in the very recent past is the surest path to creating a closet of clothes I love to wear.

Check back tomorrow and the rest of the week for what made the cut and what’s getting donated.  Here’s a sneak peek–you tell me if it’s a keeper or not!



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