Friday ReBlog: Drew Barrymore on a Clean Closet

Drew wrote an editorial for Refinery29 last year about going on a closet “diet” that turned into more of a lifestyle, and it’s a perfect piece for anyone who’s going through an identity/style crisis because of life changes.  She writes about putting away the funky vintage pieces (“I still respect them, I just can’t wear them anymore”) and reaching for a more minimalist palette spiked with some florals and sequins.

At first it felt like she had lost herself, but then realized her “cleaner” closet was simply a reflection of who she was becoming as a mom and a nearly-40-something.

Take a read for some great tips on dramatic closet purging and also some great writing about clothes and identity.  Oh, and some tripped out squirrel-person illustrations.

Have you ever gone through a style crisis provoked by a major life change? How did you come to a place of peace about it – or are you still struggling to adapt to a new identity? Share below!

Happy Weekend, Thrifters!


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