Signature Accessories

Do you have a signature accessory?

I’m talking about the piece you always wear – or the specific style of accessory from which you never deviate.

They add that recognizable detail to your look, save you time and money – no dithering about what to wear or whether you should buy new stuff! – and, hopefully, they put a smile on your face.

Mine are, in no particular order…

My grandma’s vintage cuff.  Every. Damn. Day.  No one else has anything like it and it reminds me of her:

IMG_1851Ain’t it funky?  


Wayfarers.  Simple, straightforward, no hair-snagging nose pieces, and I like how they look on my face.  Super easy to replace with thrift store finds, for example:

IMG_1208  IMG_1911

IMG_3478Can it still count as your signature if you had to look up what it was called?  The Boys of Summer now has a whole new visual meaning for me…


Flats: no tolerance for any kind of significant heel over here.  I just embrace it.




What constitutes your signature accessory/ies?  Why do you love it/them so?  Scroll down to comment!


4 thoughts on “Signature Accessories

  1. Love the idea of your signature accessories! I do have one — a silver choker necklace, rather Native American style, that I found in an antique shop many years ago. I wear it several times a week and feel almost naked without it — to me, it seems to “complete” most every outfit.

    1. The necklace sounds lovely! It’s funny how something with a little detail or a story behind it can really pull everything together – and then we get so used to that effect that we do feel naked without it! I’ve thought a few times about turning the car around to go back and get my cuff when I realize I forgot to put it on but usually manage to soldier on.
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah, another Carol! I wear a pair of embossed silver disc earrings nearly every day. Although I’m “supposed” to wear gold because of my coloring, my daughter gave me the earrings when she was in middle school. I wear them to keep her close to me now that she is an adult living (successfully) on her own.

    1. Here’s the Carols of the world!
      I love when people transgress the “shoulds” about color palettes to wear something they love, especially when it holds meaning. What a wonderful way to keep your daughter close…and good job her picking out something that’s had such staying power!

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