Friday ReBlog: A Year with No Shopping

Janice over at The Vivienne Files is doing another year-long shopping ban.

Her previous year-long ban covered buying nothing new – secondhand allowed – while this time around it’s buying nothing at all except running shoes, using up gift cards, and clothes necessary for any unexpected ultra-formal events. (PS: the comments on that first post are great inspiration for thrifters, while the comments on the second are chock full of solidarity for anyone else who wants to drop shopping for a year.)

Her motivation?  Too many great clothes she already loves – no need for more!

Her approach to getting the most out of what she already owns?  Identifying each month’s “building blocks” – basics she can wear all month long – and then “targeting” certain supplemental pieces to show them some extra love during that same month.

Check out her post, then let me know what you think.  Anyone up for a year of no shopping? (If so, this post might give you some further inspiration.)


Happy weekend, Thrifters!


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