Friday ReBlog: Spring Capsule Wardrobe Additions via ThredUp

Erin at Reading My Tea Leaves showcased some spring capsule wardrobe additions in March (just seeing it now, whoops!) but I think her advice works for any season.

She used ThredUp to find these pieces, which is a great tool for anyone who a) hates shopping in person or b) doesn’t have the time to scour the thrift racks for that perfect piece.  I just bought my first piece on ThredUp and I’ll be sharing why I did it and how it went it arrives.

My favorite part of Erin’s take on the process:

“Here’s my best advice: Don’t try to build a [seasonal] capsule wardrobe from scratch. Make slow, careful decisions in every season about what additions make sense for your closet, and search until you find just the right thing. Right, mostly, because you love it.”

It can be hard to wait while you slowly, carefully build your wardrobe (and I’ve definitely succumbed to the temptation to just get it all over with NOW).

But what I love most about taking my time with building a capsule is that I can feel out what works and what doesn’t, growing into it instead of impatiently buying 10 things I *think* I’ll love and that I *think* will all go together only to find out that I only love 2 things – or, horror of horrors, none of it really flows, it’s all one big hot mess, and I have to start over.

And it’s always a good reminder that the “right” clothes for us aren’t the ones anyone else tells us to wear or what we think we *should* wear – they’re just the ones we love, pure and simple.


Do you like to just get it all done at once or do you savor finding “just the right thing”?

And what do you think of Erin’s additions?  Scroll down to comment!


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