What I’m Packing to Ireland – in a Carry On

As you read this I will be heading out to Ireland to co-officiate my college BFF’s wedding.  It’s also the first time the spouse and I have ever taken a vacation together that does not involve family or friends.  Whoopie!

We’ll travel light to expedite connecting flights and hauling our stuff around the country. So what’s in my carry on?

First up, let’s do the numbers.  We’ll be gone for 8 days; right now the forecast is calling for rain (not a surprise, but blech) and highs in the high 40s/low 50s, so I’m looking at warm layers and rain-resistant outerwear.  3 out of 4 of the accommodations we’ll stay in are Air BnBs with laundry facilities so I plan to wash things halfway through.  Our activities will hopefully include a day hike (weather allowing), a few morning runs, lots of walking, and a wedding.  Most things will be pretty versatile except that wedding outfit – which I might be able to turn into a nice dinner outfit, but we’ll see.


In the bag
As usual, everything is thrifted unless noted otherwise.


wp_20161028_17_37_51_pro img_4470
Jeans: Banana Republic; corduroy: Lauren by Ralph Lauren



IMG_3668 wp_20161102_16_55_01_pro img_4240wp_20160505_15_06_57_pro
Gap; J. Crew; Loft; French Connection



IMG_2748  kelty  WP_20170215_13_37_00_Pro 6tag_241216-123751 madewell-blackwhite-buffalo-check-open-weave-scarf-blackwhite-black-product-0-239492956-normal

J. Crew; Kelty (gift from my spouse lo these many years ago – image source); navy polka dot vest from Savile Row Co.; no label gloves/hat; buffalo check scarf no label (image source).


Running/hiking/sleeping/keeping my legs warm under my pants:

2d0a9227b032abf4c1ff1c3c3c44b1fe  WP_20160826_15_20_36_Pro wp_20161205_14_24_53_pro

x2 leggings by American Apparel (responsibly made) – one in black, one in navy; gifts; source. Silk running shirt by Winter Silks; bamboo tech shirt by Tasc Performance.



wp_20161027_16_08_08_pro  img-thing

Puma for walking; Champion for running/hiking – retail; source.


Wedding outfit

The wedding colors are navy and grey, so I’m going with a floor-length navy velvet dress you may remember as a runner-up for another wedding outfit. I kept it around thinking it would be great for another formal event, and voilà, it is.

Enjoy this outfit pic in which I a) pose ridiculously b) have much shorter hair than now and c) appear to have only one foot:


Wrap from my mama:


Shoes by Talbots:



All this plus underwear, socks, bras, and toiletries packed into my suitcase:


Those little Konmari bundles are deceiving – they’ll squish a lot more, making enough room for a few thrift finds and some gifts for those keeping the home fires burning. (Thanks family!)


I’ll report back in two weeks with any last minute changes, outfit pics, and what I wore/what stayed in the suitcase/what I wish I’d brought instead.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “What I’m Packing to Ireland – in a Carry On

  1. If you have time while in Dublin check out Georges Street and Camden Street on the southside of city centre, and Capel st on northside of city centre for a good few charity shops .Enjoy your trip ! Eimear from Dublin ( Ireland :)

    1. Eimear, this is gold! We’ll have more rain than we hoped for, but thanks to you I’ll be popping into charity shops to stay dry – no complaints there! Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to exploring your lovely city.

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