Light Summer Colors: What’s Hard (and Easy) to Find

One of the joys of a PCA (personal color analysis) is knowing exactly what “your” colors are – the ones that complement and enhance your skin tone. The burden is that sometimes *your* particular colors aren’t on trend; if your purple is softer/darker/lighter than Pantone’s Ultraviolet, you may have to wait another fashion cycle (or three) before you can buy purple clothes retail.

Enter the thrift store, where the colors of seasons past all live together in glorious harmony, and where you are much more likely to find “your” version of blue, purple, yellow, etc.

But. I’ve noticed that even with a veritable rainbow of colors at my fingertips, it’s still harder to find some Light Summer (my palette) colors than others. I suspect this is due in part to what particular kinds of colors have been popular over the last several years; it’s mostly due, though, to different seasons wearing different colors more easily.

I’m no expert here (dive into the delightful rabbit hole of Christine Scaman’s 12 Blueprints for that), but as I’ve dug into the subject of personal color analysis a bit, I’ve picked up that, say, Light Summers can rock a wide variety of blues (even fudging some that aren’t our best), but that orange will likely never be our friend. A special warm/cool blend of coral, yes, but that can be hard to find, since coral tends to err on the side of warm. Likewise, the very muted, cool yellows in Light Summer’s palette are tricky to find – fashion has favored mustards or warmer, lemony yellows for years, so that my yellows are more likely to be found in grandpa cardigans or strangely cropped pullovers or cableknits from an unfortunate slice of the 90s:

IMG_20180216_112248660 IMG_20180216_112221830 IMG_20171226_130756606

Likewise, ALL the pinks that hit that elusive warm/cool spot beloved of Light Summers seem to be cable knits or cardigans, neither of which are my favorite. Why, fashion designers, why?

On the other hand, greys are pretty easy to fudge, and teals and blues call to me from the racks like beacons of cool, soft, lightness:

IMG_20180101_174619762 IMG_20180101_164425578 IMG_20180101_171303058 (1) IMG_20171228_115855943_BURST001 (1)  IMG_20180101_160335200_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20180117_152837974 IMG_20180117_162847618 IMG_20180118_143127451 IMG_20180216_111413030 IMG_20180212_135950800_BURST001 IMG_20180212_135437827

These are some of my “easiest” colors to wear, and end up therefore being the “easiest” to spot – even if they don’t all come home with me.

If you’ve been analyzed – or if you know your best colors – which are the easiest to find? Which are harder? What’s your take on the magic of finding “your” colors?

7 thoughts on “Light Summer Colors: What’s Hard (and Easy) to Find

  1. Not exactly an answer to your question, but Lands End seems to have tons of what I understand to be your colors right now — they sure aren’t MY colors — so if they are any indication of what the general color palette is right now, thrifting should be a piece of cake for you in a year or so!

    1. Ha, love it! I sometimes see current things at Target or online and think, “Ah yes, when someone donates that a year from now I shall snatch it up!”
      Lands’ End and L.L. Bean both seem to cut for a shorter, wider torso than mine, which is so sad, because yes, they do seem to be faithful carriers of lighter colors including mine. They occasionally have different cuts, though, so I do keep an eye out. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Hey! I’m a light summer too! Well, I have to be. I’m Nordic blonde. I’m also a serious thrifter. I don’t love the light summer palette though. I prefer my colors dusty or muted. And I love black! My all-time favorite Goodwill find, a black leather Eddie Bauer jacket in new condition. Thrifting gives you a rainbow of options, not just what’s “in”. I also find it less overwhelming than the selection at the mall! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

  3. I just found your blog… It’s excellent! I am doing my color analysis next week but am likely also a light summer. You have certainly explained why 1/4 of my closet is teal!

    1. Nicole – so glad you enjoy the blog! Have fun with your color analysis – it’s a fun process. Can’t wait to hear what you are and if what you suspected comes through!

      1. Hi again! So, I was just poking around for tips and came across this post again! I did turn out to be a light summer. You also introduced me to Poshmark… so I can blame you for my addiction. ;) I would love an update on this subject. Any tips for acsertaining true colors from bad photos on online thrift shops? Any brands that have stood out to you lately as carrying our colors? I frequently end up looking at J. crew stuff. I am very petite so at least they have my size. I have to alter most other brands. I am a fan of Boden when I can find it at a reasonable price. Many of their things are too warm but they have some things that work! Lately I have been looking for purples… those are hard to find in the right tone. I love purple for fall!

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