Thrift Tips: Don’t Forget the End Caps

Thrifting Tip of the Day: don’t neglect the end caps, or the portion of the clothing racks on either end that extend beyond the main rack.  End caps often have random items that a shopper has tried on and then couldn’t be bothered to return to their proper place, or feature displays like the one below:

A photo posted by LeahLW (@thriftshopchic) on

This particular item was on a mannequin at the end of a row of non-dresses, so if I hadn’t spotted it on my way to check the dresses, I would’ve totally missed it.   End caps are easy to scan as you walk down the central aisle of a store and often yield some prize pieces.

Check back tomorrow for a rundown on the thrift store where I snapped this shot…aaaaand an outfit post featuring the dress–because yes, it came home with me.  Sneaky.



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