Travel Wardrobe Recap


Before our 10-day, 2-state, 1 budget airline trip began, I showed you my travel wardrobe here.  But how did it work in real life??  Scroll down for the run-through.


^^The aforementioned travel wardrobe, but swap that bikini for this second tankini top:


…and tuck it all in here:


The good news was I wore everything.  And I wore everything 2+ times, except for that ikat blue/green cotton blouse, but that was mostly because I got lazy was inspired by the beach and wore the tropical shirt 2 days in a row.  You know how when you go to the beach for half the day, so whatever you wear after your shower still feels wearable the next afternoon, after another shower?  No?  (Think about it–it’s like I took a 2nd shower halfway through a day’s wearing!)  (Still no?)

So what would I change if I had it to do over?  First, that second tankini was a brilliant idea but wasn’t necessary, because we only went to the beach once a day and my entire bathing suit had completely dried by the next day’s excursion.  Second, if I was just going to be lazy and wear things 2 days in a row, I could have left either the tropical popover or the ikat blouse home.  I had enough room for all my clothes (plus 2 thrift store finds, thank you Delaware!), and a little variety never hurt anybody.  But good to know I can pare down further if necessary.

Here’s how I combined everything:

Vacation outfit day no. 1 #ootd #thriftfinds #aiportbathroomselfie

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Signed up for a last-minute 5k wearing ma workout clothes, pictured below:

Yesterday’s #ootd for family pictures-so busy I didn’t get a pic! #thriftfinds #entirelythrifted

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(This shirt and red shorts were the first part of the day, then swapped to blue to match for our family portraits.)

Today’s vacation #ootd – yes that J. Crew drawstring pocket dress came home with me :) #thriftfinds #entirelythrifted (even the hat)

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Vacation #ootd at airport no. 2, same as at airport no. 1 #entirelythrifted #thriftfinds

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Then, as you could probably tell if you were following me on Instagram, I got lazy immersed myself fully in the moment and quit taking pictures.  But rest assured, you’d practically seen it all anyway.  The only outfit pairings not featured here were the tropical shirt with the red shorts and the aforementioned off-white lace detailed sleeveless top with the red shorts.  And yes, I flew home wearing the same striped shirt and shorts.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

And now your reward (?) for reaching the end of this post:


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Tell me in the comments (scroll down!) whether you’re inclined to slim down your travel wardrobe…or does the idea of surviving on so few clothes give you the heebie-jeebies?



2 thoughts on “Travel Wardrobe Recap

  1. Unless visiting a family member’s house, I pack for “no laundry facilities available.” On a business trip, it’s harder to re-wear items – male engineers probably wouldn’t notice, but con-goers would notice you wore that awesome Star Wars t-shirt twice. Do you launder even when you’re traveling to places where laundering isn’t easy?

    1. ALL of the vacations we’ve taken in the last 6 years have been with family…sigh?…or once to a beach condo that had laundry. So my advice for a business-related travel wardrobe would be to re-wear bottoms and jackets, but change out your tops. That should work for cons, too, because you’re mostly seated (so noone sees your pants) and they won’t notice you’re wearing the same grey zip-up jacket (open of course) if they are drawn in by your awesome web comic shirt instead.

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