What I Wore: Preaching in January

Hello Thrifters!

My sincerely warm thoughts go out to all y’all up to your eyeballs in snow up North. Meanwhile, it’s chilly but sunny here in Georgia where the “snow closure” on Friday ended up consisting of rain followed by Saturday morning flakes that barely dusted the grass.


This is what I wore to preach yesterday–I haven’t done a proper outfit post in awhile and I thought you’d like to see how some of my winter staples are working together:


IMG_3101IMG_3100IMG_3095 IMG_3096


Our shoot was cut short by neighbors who pulled up to discuss the merits of various local thrifting spots (yes I live in the ideal neighborhood), so this is the parting shot you get. You’re welcome.  :)

Blazer: Haberdashery Collection by Personal – thrifted
Dress: Sweater dress, Merona – thrifted
Leggings: American Apparel, gift
Shoes: Lucky Brand, Christmas present
Necklace: heirloom

As predicted, I’m still in love with my sweater dress/legging/ankle boots combo.  I remembered at the last second that I needed a spot for my mic pack for worship—hence the blazer with pockets and an extra layer of warmth.  Stylish yet toasty = win.

The detail-oriented among you may have noticed this is a different navy blazer from the one featured in my winter wardrobe capsule video. (The less-detail-oriented among you may be thinking “Uh, what?  Isn’t that pretty much the exact same navy blazer?”)  More on that thrift upgrade later this week!


What are your style constraints?  Do you need to wear clothes with specific features for work/life/play?  If so, how do you weave them in with what you love to wear?

Also, what do the good people of your neighborhood discuss when you meet them in the street?  Scroll down to share!



6 thoughts on “What I Wore: Preaching in January

  1. I meant tell you yesterday you looked awesome preaching yesterday. My head was pretty scattered yesterday. Love the outfit. My new leggings are my favorite! I am now looking for all the long sweaters to go with them. And I realized I can wear my boots over my leggings or skinny jeans. And Oh my gosh I need all the scarves. I need to look for mine more. I have been wearing just one mainly.

    1. Thank you, Kim! Leggings + long sweaters/tunics are the jam. It’s funny how we fixate on one particular item in our closets and long for more variety because we’ve forgotten what else we already own. Sounds like a shopping trip to your closet is in order to get more of the good stuff in rotation!

      1. I apparently thought I should see how many times I could use yesterday, yesterday! Seems like someone gave me this book about keeping and getting rid of stuff (my iPad knows me so well it autocorrected rid to Tide, so I better throw in a Roll Tide here). I may have self sabotaged my last leggings because I told my cousin Jennifer made me buy them (feeling I looked awful in them but bought when I hit a significant weight loss) and she asked “why?”. Um, I don’t know, temporary insanity, thanks for the support cuz. But some days I am good enough (inside) to think I can rock something no matter my size.

        1. Yes! You are!! And I think leggings + tunic look great on everybody because they have this excellent contrast of close-fitting/static below with looser/movement on top.
          If you haven’t checked out my post with a good selection of plus-sized bloggers, you should: it’s great style inspiration/reminder that fashion is for EVERYONE.
          Also, can’t believe I left this off, but Alison Gary at http://www.wardrobeoxygen.com has great style inspiration as well.

  2. My work clothes require several things, but safety is paramount. That means only practical shoes, so I’ve found ones I love that don’t leave my toes exposed or my heel elevated (p.s. they’re more comfortable too). Second, in winter especially, I wear a camisole or undershirt every day, so I can tuck it into my dress pants or jeans. That comes in especially handy when bending over in the shop or under an engine, so I don’t get cold rain dripping down my crack. Brrr.

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