What I Wore: Pink & Wine

I don’t know if the color of this scarf is properly called “wine” but I’m going with it:

Dress: H&M
Blazer: Cartonnier
Scarf: no label – I think it’s wool
Sandals: Clarks (retail)

Here’s a closeup.  The “wine” color is a bit intense/saturated compared to my normal wardrobe palette, but the pink/gold/orange tones in it lighten things up a bit, as does the pink jacket and the white dress:
Mmmm, print-mixing…

I don’t do square scarves very often and this is why:WP_20170509_13_05_12_Pro

I can’t get them to stay where I want/showing the part of the pattern I want. Suggestions? Maybe I’ll just pin the sucker to my dress next time…

Here is the outfit sans blazer:

Side view:

Styling: I started with a dress; Tuesday = yoga day which calls for a simple one-piece to change into after 90 minutes of down dog. I wanted to warm things up with some red-based tones after having worn navy blue-heavy outfits the previous three days, and I knew the v-neck of the dress would work well as a spot to showcase a scarf; hence this particular number, with colors that make me beam!
I knew we’d have meetings in chilly parts of the building so I added a blazer, with this woman’s wide range of reds as inspiration for my color choice:

From this post

That way I could also justify keeping my red nail polish on!

I rolled my cuffs and went to work (literally).

Thoughts: the print-mixing on this is my happy place. I really like how the pink/wine (mulberry?)/red all read together and have Costco lady above to thank for that. In hindsight I would have worn a gold necklace peeping through the scarf and my gold cuff to bring a little more polish (and pick up the gold tones in the scarf).

What are your tricks for making a scarf stay in place? What do you think of my smorgasboard of red-based hues?  Scroll down to comment.

2 thoughts on “What I Wore: Pink & Wine

  1. They say all reds go together. Worked for you, as well.

    Square scarves are hard. I know what to do about larger scarves: fold until you get a long shape.
    Fold that in half so the loop (folded end) is around one side of your neck and the two loose ends around the other side. Stick you hand through the loop and grab one of the loose ends and pull it through. Then give a half twist to the loop, stick your hand in again and grab the other loose end and pull that through. Adjust and it makes a very secure “braided” tie and is also very good for taming down any scarf that is too puffy/fluffy.

    As for the square scarf, if you have a jewelry stickpin with a “stopper” on the end, you can
    put that through a couple times and then cap it so it lies between the scarf and your garment or else against your skin. Google image: stickpin. If anybody makes pierced earrings with this same cap where the sharp part can be enclosed, that would work a treat.

    1. Vildy, believe it or not I have multiple stickpins that belonged to my Grandma and have never found a use for them until now! They would indeed work great and look good/add a special touch should the top part peek out. Thanks!!

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