…and Can I Wear a Jumpsuit?

Amidst the epic recent romper conversation on Facebook, we somehow transitioned into talking about jumpsuits: they appear to draw less direct sartorial inspiration from toddlers, so are they “okay”?  In the course of the discussion, two folks weighed in saying that jumpsuits are fine if you are of “a very specific body type” or “as long as […]

Can I Wear a Romper?

Last Friday I posted this romper as my upcoming weekend outfit: so comfortable, so cool in the heat. I posted it on my personal Facebook page with the intro: “I need you to weigh in on the romper/playsuit debate–practical weekend wear or just too much trouble for bathroom breaks?”  I was curious how people felt […]

We’re Back!

Yello!  I’m back from a lovely Christmas hiatus that bled into the New Year due to busy-ness at the job.  When you work at a church and have 7 funerals in 2 weeks, ya don’t get much time to blog.  Yipes! But I’m happy to reunite with you all and I would LOVE to hear […]

Travel Wardrobe, Labor Day Weekend: Onesies + Guide to Americus

We spent Labor Day in Americus, Georgia, traipsing around various intriguing and delicious establishments: Cafe Campesino, a fair trade coffee shop & roastery where the founder gave us a tour–and where I had a luscious coconut cream pie smoothie; Client First Insurance, our host’s business focusing on getting folks affordable health care coverage no matter their income […]