Here are some blog posts and books I’ve found helpful in the quest to minimize and leverage my thrift wardrobe.  Enjoy!

Thrift tips:  MyEdit

Developing your own style and/or capsule wardrobe: Into MindUn-Fancy; I Love Your Style

Minimalism for your closet: Marie Kondo; miss minimalistMinimalist BeautyInto MindUn-Fancy; The Vivienne Files (great site for seeing how to build a wardrobe of clothes that all go together–LOTS of visuals)

Sustainable/ethical fashion: Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Fast Fashion;  EFF (industry hub for ethical fashion); Un-Fancy; Sara Laughed (plus-sized fashion); Change the World by How You Shop

Inspiration/folks with a clear personal style: Thriftanista in the Cityune femme d’un certain age; Pardon My ObsessionMinimalist Beauty; Wardrobe Oxygen

How to figure out a color palette or “your” colors: Good intro on RedditGlowing ColorInto Mind

How to build a wardrobe out of limited, complementary pieces: The Vivienne Files (I’ve linked to a particular post where the author decides to buy nothing but second hand clothing for a year; the advice from long-time thrifters in the comments is great!)

Brands to look for at the thrift store 

Secondhand clothes online: Poshmark; eBay (filter for “pre-owned”); ThredUp (thanks reader Em for the suggestion!); Goodwill’s online auction site

Wardrobe templates/printables: The Vivienne Files, here and here; Un-Fancy;

Capsule or Uniform?: Hey Natalie Jean; Wardrobe Oxygen; Why I Wear the Same Thing to Work Everyday (thanks Cynthia!)

DIY: Charity Shop Chic; New Dress a Day; A Pair and a Spare

Style terms defined: Fashion Charts on Pinterest


Share your own favorites in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Good morning!
    I would have emailed this to you privately, but could not locate a way to do that. I enjoy your blog posts for your straightforward, but fun approach to tweaking your style without excess. I discovered your blog through, which I have followed for years. The post this morning re: adding color to a minimalist (neutral) wardrobe struck a chord for me. About 3 years ago, one of her readers left a comment about this very topic which linked to another blog, which uses an individual’s movement/energy (there are 4 “energy types”) to determine which colors resonate. It involves personality, help for child raising, spousal relations, etc, while honoring each other’s natures, and so much more. The author, Carol Tuttle, has written several books, It’sJust My Nature, The Child Whisperer, Dressing Your Truth, and is applicable for males and females. I found it to be the missing link in “getting it. And I can see from your colorful photos that you are intuitively dressing your type! May you find this helpful and intriguing.

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