Here are some blog posts and books I’ve found helpful in the quest to minimize and leverage my thrift wardrobe.  Enjoy!

Thrift tips:  MyEdit

Developing your own style and/or capsule wardrobe: Into MindUn-Fancy; I Love Your Style

Minimalism for your closet: Marie Kondo; miss minimalistMinimalist BeautyInto MindUn-Fancy; The Vivienne Files (great site for seeing how to build a wardrobe of clothes that all go together–LOTS of visuals)

Sustainable/ethical fashion: Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Fast Fashion;  EFF (industry hub for ethical fashion); Un-Fancy; Sara Laughed (plus-sized fashion); Change the World by How You Shop

Inspiration/folks with a clear personal style: Thriftanista in the Cityune femme d’un certain age; Pardon My ObsessionMinimalist Beauty; Wardrobe Oxygen

How to figure out a color palette or “your” colors: Good intro on RedditGlowing ColorInto Mind

How to build a wardrobe out of limited, complementary pieces: The Vivienne Files (I’ve linked to a particular post where the author decides to buy nothing but second hand clothing for a year; the advice from long-time thrifters in the comments is great!)

Brands to look for at the thrift store 

Secondhand clothes online: eBay (filter for “pre-owned”); ThredUp (thanks reader Em for the suggestion!); Goodwill’s online auction site

Wardrobe templates/printables: The Vivienne Files, here and here; Un-Fancy;

Capsule or Uniform?: Hey Natalie Jean; Wardrobe Oxygen; Why I Wear the Same Thing to Work Everyday (thanks Cynthia!)

DIY: Charity Shop Chic; New Dress a Day; A Pair and a Spare

Style terms defined: Fashion Charts on Pinterest


Share your own favorites in the comments!

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