I Don’t Wash My Hair

With shampoo, at least. (I do wash sometimes with natural ingredients and/or water.)

Today I’ll tell you what I’ve tried in my no-poo adventure and how it has worked for me.  I’ll also point you in the direction of some resources I found helpful.

But I can’t tell you how to go no-poo.  (If you’re interested.  You might also just be grossed out.)

My hair is different from your hair and yours is different from your friend’s and your sister’s and your dad’s and your co-worker’s.  And even your same hair will likely behave differently with different climates, seasons, stages of life, and air/water qualities.

So read up if you are interested in giving no-poo a try (or if you’re just weirdly fascinated).  I’d love to hear how it goes or, if you already do it, what works for you!

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