How to Give Your Clothes to Your Friends

Copy of Winter capsule wardrobe (1)Donation is one great option for clothes you no longer wear/love. But don’t discount letting your friends get first crack!  (Especially since doing so might encourage them to return the favor…)

It can feel a little odd to see your coworker show up to work in what was formerly your shirt or to meet your BFF for drinks and see them wearing your ex-heels, but mostly it feels like a big ol’ boost to your karma.

Y’all know I’m a big fan of the “picture someone else loving this” method of convincing yourself to part with almost-perfect-for-you…but not….items in your closet. Well, the motivation is even stronger when you actually know the person on the receiving end and might even get to see them exuding the joy of rocking new-to-them duds.

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