Summer 10×10 Remix: Day 5

As part of the Summer 10×10 remix (hosted by UnFancy and Style Bee), I’m attempting to post what I’ve been wearing each day as I live out of my suitcase on back-to-back family reunions. What’s a 10×10 remix? 10 pieces of clothing, 10 outfits, 10 days. What you count as an item is up to you (I’m not counting shoes, workout gear, outerwear) since the point isn’t following strict rules – it’s using limitations to spark creativity. 

Day 5: Lake Champlain

Hello from the Green Mountain State!  After a hellish travel day involving 5 hours of flight delays and 7 hours in the car (including driving through the night), we’re now hanging out with the other side of the family in Vermont at a beautiful lake house. See the water in the background there?


That glass is full of delicious local cider which we paired with delicious local cheese.  I heart you, Vermont.


Shirt: Old Navy – thrifted
Shorts: Bebe – thrifted
Cuff: Monet – thrifted

Sandals: Saltwater – retail
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban – retail

When your spouse tells you to quit posing with his glass because you’re drinking all his cider:


But you don’t listen:


I wrote this while watching my cousin clean a bass he caught on the dock. Now off to go swimming in the chilly water!  I’m thinking that horrible travel day was worth it. See ya tomorrow!