Boston Looks Good on You

Hello, Thrifters. I’ve got some news to share: we’re moving to Boston!

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I am appropriately garbed for both preaching and baseball. Dress, Merona; sandals, Saltwaters (retail); bracelet, Monet; Red Sox hat, ’47 (gift); stole, Stitchin’ Time (gift).

I have taken a call as the pastor of a church in the Boston area and I am really excited for this new adventure. I am also really sad to leave Atlanta, which has been our home for the entirety of our lives as a married couple and then as a 3-person-family, and where we have many dear friends and favorite places to eat/hike/hang out.

This news explains the hiatus I’ve been on: interviews, finishing up my former job, getting ready to move, and other life things (like totaling my car…sigh) have been getting in the way of regular blogging. I have been glad to be able to take a break and grateful for your patience while I’ve done so. I’m looking forward to resuming blogging but can’t say when that will be as we still need to move and I need to settle into my new calling.  However, there are many good thrift stores in the Boston area (the interview team took me to one without even knowing I thrift – yes I’ve found my people) and I know it won’t be long before I start exploring them.

I do have at least one outfit post in the pipeline from last week, but my current mix of ratty painting t-shirts and running shorts are probably not going to create good content. If you all are interested in what I’m thrifting to stage our current home, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

In the meantime, I hope you are thoroughly enjoying these last few weeks of summer (northern hemisphere folks at least!) and I’d love to hear your suggestions for incorporating Red Sox gear into my wardrobe on a regular basis.



6 thoughts on “Boston Looks Good on You

  1. Leah – Best of Luck with your move and new calling! I have visited Boston several times and just love it – the history, the wonderful museums and cultural events (and sports). In addition, if you do have a chance, I would love to see what thrifted items you use to stage your home and help you to ease into your new one!

  2. Hi Leah,

    Congratulations on your new job! Moving from the warmth of Atlanta to the four distinct seasons of NE might take some adjustment, but you should be well-prepared having spent some time here during the winter. Boston is wonderful with it’s historical landmarks and charming architecture. You and your little one will enjoy the aquarium and terrific children’s and science museums. We took many trips there with my kids and they were delighted every time! You have much to look forward to. I would like to see what you thrift for your new home.

  3. How exciting!! As time and energy permit I’d enjoy seeing your moving processes. Our son lived in Connecticut for quite a few years and our visits fostered a real love for the maritime states. It will be interesting to see if/how your “look” adapts to your new climate. Happy trails…

  4. Thanks, y’all, for your kind words and good wishes! I thrifted some things the other day to stage our living room and will be sure to take pics and share.
    Ilona, I’ll definitely need a warmer coat, and we’ll see if I have enough cold weather clothes in general. I’ve also been thinking about how my wardrobe will need to dial down the formality a bit – I’ve been working in Buckhead, an upscale/formal neighborhood in Atlanta, and my impression is that the part of Boston we’ll be living in is considerably less formal. I might need to up the percentage of L.L. Bean in my closet!

  5. You will find LLbean clothing indispensable when the colder weather hits NE. Last week I was thrilled to thrift three LLbean sweaters in great shape from my local Goodwill. I do admit to paying full price for a parka and boots from them a couple of years ago. Easily some of the wisest purchases I have ever made. They made being outdoors in the cold rather pleasant. The company does know how to keep a person warm!! Think of all the new thrifting opportunities!

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