February/March Thrift Finds

I’m sprucing up my spring capsule wardrobe and getting it ready to show you all… but in the meantime here’s a sneak peek:

Striped t-shirt from Merona in gorgeous colors with 3/4 length sleeves and a boatneck, aka everything I love in a shirt:

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  A blue snakeprint popover tunic from Joe Fresh:

I’d had my interest piqued by Joe Fresh from reading Jentine’s blog My Edit (link is to her thrifting tips) and, since it was a Canadian brand featured on her Canadian blog, I had resigned myself to never seeing it in thriftshops this far south of the border.  Then they linked up with J.C. Penney and I saw my first 2 Joe Fresh items this month.  But as of the end of January they’ve ended their partnership with the big J.C.P. so I guess that’s IT.  Grab one while they last, friends.
PS the darker blues in the pattern actually make this really work for me, so ignore the Instagram caption (except the part about disco floors.  I meant that).


A peach leopard print blouse from Forever 21:

I love the subtlety of the print and the faux-old-lady buttons; the color is a little washed out and I’m not sure how well it’ll go with my skin tone, but you can bet I’m going to try to make it work.  If it’s a success it’ll most likely replace this shirt, because who needs two peach button downs?  (And the one I linked to is sheer.)

Which one do y’all like better?


Last but not least, I scored 12 solid wood hangers for $6 total.  I think they’re from Ikea—normally $5 for 8.  Wherever they’re from, they make my spring picks look lovely and neat, AND they remind me not to buy more tops, despite the temptations out there.  When they’re full, they’re full, and I don’t get to buy another blouse/top unless I am willing to let go of a current one.

Sounds simple enough, right?  We’ll see.  :)

IMG_3273 IMG_3274 IMG_3352

Doesn’t that just make you think “SPRING”?



What good stuff have you found lately, Thrifters?  Scroll down to comment!


A postscript from reader Andrew: Ikea’s founder only wears thrifted clothes.  Turns out thrifting is for billionaires, too!


2 thoughts on “February/March Thrift Finds

    1. Yes, so classy and such clean lines! They make everything look nicer. And I can’t say no to striped tops…it’s funny, in the time I’ve spent in France (mostly outside Paris, granted) I haven’t seen them that much, but they have nevertheless invaded my wardrobe.
      Do you find you see a lot of mariniere-style tops on the street when you are there?

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