Leopard Print – Solved

I wrote here about my love of leopard print and the search for a way to do it in more of an all-over fashion – i.e. a shirt.  I postulated in that post that perhaps a sleeveless number might do the trick, thinking that less fabric = less overwhelming.

But then, on a thrifting trip at the beginning of this month, I found this number by Banana Republic Heritage:


BR’s “Heritage” label features “easy-care, natural fibers” for “sophisticated women on the go” – whatever that means.  One thing it does mean is that this baby probably retailed for $80-$100+.

It has a tailored fit (signified by a numbered size instead of just S/M/L/XL); it has roll tab sleeves (my favorite!) and button tabs on the shoulders as an interesting detail; but most of all, the print is more muted, more neutral, thanks to an absence of the brassy yellow tones found in classic leopard:


I’ve already worn it several times (as you have probably noticed on Instagram) and I look forward to working this baby in all year round.  The silk blend contributes to its ability to be worn hot or cold; I’m thinking it will look great with skirts, white or red pants in summer, and of course my ever-growing collection of winter corduroys.


An IG outfit outtake, because I love you.

How do you feel about this version of leopard?  Scroll down to comment!


2 thoughts on “Leopard Print – Solved

  1. I love leopard, too, and I’ve been trying to restrain myself from having it too much, too bold. I did find a lightweight short sleeved blouse for the summer that I love, but for winter, I’ve been keeping with shoes, belt and scarf in the print. I definitely consider the actual print of a piece, because it can vary so greatly in tone, in colors and even in print size. Good job on your find!

    1. Thanks Julie! I agree that accessories are a great way to embrace leopard. I do have a belt but I don’t have leopard shoes/boots yet – keeping an eye out in the thrift shoe section…. Thanks for commenting :)

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