What I Wore: DIY Thrift Earrings

This is cheating a little bit because I’m showcasing jewelry, not clothes, in this “What I Wore.”  But they’re thrifted and I wore them, so let’s just go with it.

I started with this necklace, found at Goodwill for $5 (or so):


and did my classic deconstruct-for-parts move (showcased in more detail here).

I chose it for the pearlescent (is that a word?), faceted ovals which I had a hunch would be the perfect pendant for a necklace my mother-in-law made me that was in need of a new centerpiece.

Lucky for me, there were three such ovals, all with their own gold circle already attached with hardware.  This is a closeup of one of the other beads, but you get the idea:


This saved me a lot of time; all I had to do was open the jump rings on the far ends of each oval/circle pair I wanted to use, discard the jump ring on the oval side, and reclose the jump ring on the circle onto earring hooks (which I liberated from a pair I wasn’t using).  I did this all in about 5 minutes before church.


Here are the results:

IMG_3865 IMG_3870 IMG_3871


I like that they look classy but also have some “oomph” given that they’re on the bigger, danglier side.  Here’s how I used the earrings to dress up a casual dress yesterday:

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What do you think of my new jewelry set?  I feel like matching jewelry walks a fine line between twee and chic…scroll down to weigh in on whether I have gracefully straddled that line or faceplanted on it, and what you do with your thrift store jewelry finds!



4 thoughts on “What I Wore: DIY Thrift Earrings

    1. Um YES isn’t it scary how long that hole is and how close it looks to coming through my ear?? It’s the only plastic surgery I’d be willing to get done, just so I don’t end up with a giant tear!

  1. I have some matching necklace/earring sets. Usually it’s because they came together. One of the sets I wear together, the earrings don’t look exactly like the necklace. On the other one I don’t wear them together. It’s a color I like a lot so I have other jewelry that mixes well.

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