Currently on My Thrift List

Here’s what I’m looking to thrift these days as I head to my neighborhood thrift stores:

  • Sleeveless or short sleeve shift dress in a blue anywhere from robin’s egg to “medium” blue – royal is a bit too deep for me.  Other qualifications: cotton would be nice (like this placeholder I shrunk in the wash); just above knee; no cap sleeves (someone please explain to me why these
    Something like either of these would do nicely:
    ZaraShiftDress59.99 _10986473
    source; source
  • Pajamas for my toddler.  She’s busting at the seams of the 2 footie pairs we have (1 gift, 1 thrifted) and doesn’t like to sleep in the short-sleeved Red Sox bodysuit I thrifted for her.  (To be clear: she does like to wear it awake. We’re raising a big time baseball fan; “Go Red Sox!” and “Go Cubbies!” are frequent refrains in our house.)
  • Corduroy pants in a medium-dark blue.  This is part of my top-secret* strategy for Phase 2 of revamping my winter wardrobe.  (*Not really that secret; just haven’t written about it yet.)  Other qualifications: not “skinny” but fitted, or tailorable to be fitted (I’m still stubbornly refusing to wear flares); mid-to-high waist (am I the only 30-something who can’t stand low-cut waists anymore?); thick luscious texture.  These need to keep me warm, not feel like cardboard!
  • Legging shorts.  You know, the above-the-knee kind that give you some extra coverage for shorter skirts but don’t make you feel like you live in an oven?  I want them to go with this dress which I love but which is a tad too short for work, and which sadly has not been worn much since June started (hello ATL heat).


What are you currently keeping an eye out for during your thrifting excursions? Scroll down to share!


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