Friday ReBlog: Go Fug Yourself

Go Fug Yourself has nothing to do with thrifting.  It’s a celebrity style blog, which even as I am typing these words reads like the exact opposite of secondhand real-life dressing which is what THIS blog is about.

But it’s actually been really useful in thinking and writing about style.  And it’s damn funny – if you need a laugh, just read the incredibly imaginative/insightful/witty commentary.

Also, the comments section is full of opinions yet generally free from nastiness.  It’s like a strange little oasis of goodwill in the ocean of spew that is the comments section of the internet.  The celebs featured are of a variety of races and ethnicities.  Authors Heather and Jessica (both white women) do a decent job of calling out racism/sexism/other isms in their coverage.

What I find helpful, style-wise, about the posts Heather and Jessica write is that they describe in detail both the clothes themselves and what works/doesn’t about them.  I learn a lot of real sartorial terms – e.g. “illusion netting” – and Fug terms that help describe the feel of a look – e.g. “scrolldown fug” or “NAB” (glossary here).  Reading the comments further exercises my style muscles since Fug Nationals explain their range of reactions well.  You get to go “oh, yeah, THAT’S why I loved/hated this” – all that refinement of personal preference re: clothes can’t help but transfer itself to your real-life wardrobe, even if you’ve never had to dress for a movie premiere in your life.

If you could care less about celebrities or the fancy clothes they wear, I would still direct you to the Fugs and Pieces feature, which is a weekly link roundup of think pieces, interesting features, fascinating trivia and pop culture stuff.  If you want to know what it takes to make a great Fashion Week photo, bask in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s advice for living, read up on Pakistan’s baseball team or an emerging Cameroonian designer, or simply revel in the knowledge that there are now Golden Girls action figures in existence, Fugs and Pieces delivers.


That’s a wrap, Thrifters!  Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Friday ReBlog: Go Fug Yourself

  1. I adore Go Fug Yourself – I have been reading it for about 8 years! They are so nice about fashion, and I love that they celebrate all ages and looks (SWINTON!). It’s just a fun and good-hearted slice of fashion heaven.

    1. I’m so glad someone else enjoys the awesomeness that is GFY! And you’re right, they are great about covering a range of ages/styles. It must be exhausting to keep up with all they do, but it’s great fun to read.

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