Friday ReBlog: Mom Style Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Jaana at This Mom’s Gonna Snap is a funky, funny, photography-loving mom to Stevie (which I’m pretty sure is the coolest name ever).  She blogs about their adventures together, her “momdrobe” (mom + wardrobe = momdrobe), and the challenges of parenting-while-introverted/parenting a kiddo with special needs.

She recently posted about her revamped capsule wardrobe: thanks to living in LA with tiny 1928 closets, she has consolidated everything into just a single capsule (in my head I am calling this One Wardrobe to Rule Them All).  And she’s transitioning from fast fashion addiction to slow style, sharing her experience along the way.


If you’re ready to snort into you coffee and enjoy bright, sunny photos about potty training, funerals, and Universal Studios, this blog’s for you.

Happy Weekend, Thrifters!


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