Friday ReBlog: Monochrome Capsule

Alyssa over at Modern French Blog posted on her spring/summer capsule wardrobe and it is just a treat, visually speaking. We all know I am allergic to black, but there are many out there who love and rock it, so take a look at how she does it: chic basics mixed with versatile neutrals. Nothing boring about black in her wardrobe!

Do you wear black—and if so, a lot or a little? ¬†What do you think of Alyssa’s take on it?

Happy weekend, Thrifters!

4 thoughts on “Friday ReBlog: Monochrome Capsule

  1. Living in Melbourne (a city where black is basically a uniform) I have really learned to love black! Black high waisted jeans are maybe my number one staple for most of the year, and I love black as a base for any outfit. If I’m feeling like I have no idea what to wear, I’ll smash out some all black + exciting necklace/scarf/accessory/shoe combo and feel like a style queen. Or at least like a style…other lower-but-still-in-the-palace-kinda-gal. x

    1. It’s so fascinating to me how different cities have different uniforms/style vibes…NYC, Stockholm, London, and Paris apparently also have black as a go-to and others not so much (Atlanta definitely not). Any thoughts on the “uniform” in Sydney/Brisbane/Perth or other cities you’ve visited?
      You’re right, it’s a great blank canvas for showing off colorful accessories–voila, you have yourself an outfit!

      1. Oh the city uniform is so interesting! It can say so much about the vibe of a place. IMO Melbourne skews a little bit more indie/alternative – lots of vintage, ‘hipster’ style, offbeat choices – although it can feel like a totally different fashion city depending on which neighbourhood you’re in…everything from the posh leisurewear mummy brigade to the ‘I’ve just cycled down to the organic market to pick up some kale’ hippie gang. Sydney again can vary a lot, although more of a beach culture means often more skin on show – tans and toned bods are as much a fashion statement as any piece of clothing. I don’t know Queensland as well but in general it’s more casual – it’s warm all year round, so your thongs (flip flops) will get a huge workout. I grew up in Canberra which is overall more conservative and maybe a little boring…!!

        1. Sydney sounds like LA in that respect. Atlanta sounds similar to what you described re: Melbourne–I work in an upscale neighborhood where the Southern ladies are either dressed to the nines or in really nice workout gear; I live in an immigrant neighborhood where styles are tighter and/or more prim depending on the specific culture; we have suits downtown, street-style young people in midtown, hipsters in a couple of “up and coming” (ie gentrified) neighborhoods and a small but mighty “hippies biking to the farmers’ market” sector too. I love that about cities—so many different niches, but you can also figure out that overall vibe you mention, too. Thanks for the city insights!

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