Friday ReBlog: Oprah’s Closet Clearout Philosophy & Thrifting on UnFancy

Need some inspiration for cleaning out your closet?  Watch a short video on Oprah’s closet cleanout.  All pieces—many designer or bespoke—were auctioned on eBay with proceeds benefiting her girls’ leadership academy in South Africa. (Sorry all you fashionistas, bidding has ended.)

Meanwhile, in her journey towards a more ethical closet, Caroline at UnFancy is trying her hand at thrifting after a long hiatus.  3 good tips in the body of the post + the comments = worth the visit.

Best tip I found in the comments, from Mara:
“Don’t avoid the big, messy thrift stores! Just skim the racks quickly for appropriate colors/textures. If something catches your eye check tag for size, fabric content and brand. Try to stick to quality brands. If size, fabric and brand are ok – ONLY then pull the item from the rack and look at it. You can get through a ton of clothing this way.”


Update: the Duchess of Cambridge thrifts presents.  Just sayin’.

Happy weekend, Thrifters!


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