Friday Reblog: So What to Twenty! & The Thrifted Frock

Two new-to-me blogs to feature today!

The first up is not a thrifting blog per se (although she does feature some eBay and flea market finds), but blogger Glenda K. Harrison of So What to Twenty! does fit in the category of women wearing what they want no matter their age covered in my recent “Other Fashion Rules to Break” post.  I’m adding her there but wanted to draw your attention here, too.  She rocks everything from metallic floral Baroque bomber jackets to skinny overalls to off-the-shoulder floor-length dresses, plus she has a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising so reading her writing about clothing is fascinating.



Next up is Stephanie from The Thrifted Frock, a thriftanista all the way.  She resides in Atlanta so I have extra envy for her excellent thrift finds. (This dress!  Perfect.)  She mentions on her “about” page that she grew up in a working class family who thrifted all their fashions and that she now enjoys spreading her love of thrifting to others; sounds like another person to follow up with to get her thoughts on whether thrifting contributes to gentrification.

(Quick tip to follow Stephanie: she’s more active on her Instagram account.)


That’s all for now, Thrifters – have a great weekend!

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