Friday ReBlog: Two Stylish Kays

So, sadly, Keren Charles of Two Stylish Kays isn’t currently posting on her blog.  BUT!  – before you walk away from this post because what is a ReBlog without an actual blog? – the archives are fab, she’s active on Instagram (@twostylishkays), and she created a free thrifting app that helps you locate secondhand shopping opportunities in Atlanta and across the country:

Someone please download it and tell me how they like it, because I have a Windows phone and it’s (understandably) only available for Android and Apple.

From the Two Stylish Kays archives: for those of you who’ve mentioned you’re not familiar with thrifting tours, read this post she wrote about her tours.  Those consignment store pics make my statement-blazer-loving heart go pit-a-pat!  Here’s a look at the Diane Von Furstenburg dress that the Duchess of Cambridge has worn and that Keren scored for $7. And a bonus tip: according to Keren, January is the best month to thrift because of all the closet cleanouts and store closeouts from the end of December.


Happy weekend, Thrifters!


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