Radical Wardrobe Love

Ya might be sick of my wardrobe capsule shenanigans by now (original here; updates here, here, and here).

But if you’re not…

Since it was my first capsule wardrobe, it’s not surprising it took some tweaking to get it right (see those 3 updates above!).  When all was said and done I decided to just keep what I thrill to put on. Which was sort of the point in the first place.

At least I got there in the end!

So here is the aforementioned experiment in radical wardrobe love in which I get rid of every winter item I don’t THRILL to put on.


IMG_3129Coworkers get first dibs (they already got the camel skirt from Update #1); the rest will go to Goodwill.

Forgot to put this one in the pile:

A photo posted by LeahLW (@thriftshopchic) on

You get to stay, my lovelies:

Newly improved blazers:




Hanging tops:


Folded tops (I am a very sloppy Kondo fold-er):


Sweaters (mint green for weekends, not work):




Ahhhhh.  That feels much better.


No more “shoulds” in the morning, just a smile on my face and clothes I love on my body.  :)


Have any of y’all Kondo‘d or capsuled your clothing into an easy-breathing sartorial delight?  Did it take you as many tries as it did me?  Scroll down to share!




4 thoughts on “Radical Wardrobe Love

  1. I have pared so many times I’m a Kondo-developer! And then inexorably, built back up, never to the original scale, at least. Your closet truly breathes, well-done.

    Impressed that you offered things you were divesting to co-workers, and that they felt comfortable accepting them. I gather you are a close-knit group (no pun intended.)

    1. Tickled you stopped by! And tickled at your use of puns :)

      I like your idea of getting it down to a manageable level and sticking with one in, one out; that discipline is hard to muster sometimes, especially when you still love all your old things but just have an itch for something fresh and new!

      I’m lucky at work—three of us are about the same age and size, with different but overlapping styles, so we swap when we’re done with things. I also have a coworker who likes to gift languishing scarves to others at work. I know my style well enough now that only things I love stick, but it’s fun to have options to look through!

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