Random Bits of Style Goodness – Mary Berry and Norma Kamali

A couple of bits of style goodness for your Tuesday morning.

I’ve been watching two seasons of The Great British Bakeoff (aka The Great British Baking Show on Netflix). I cried at the end of one of them. Just the right mix of interesting (I know nothing about baking), dramatic (the natural drama of “Will this sponge cake set in time?” instead of manufactured interpersonal drama), charming (love the hosts), and stylish – Mary Berry is my new blazer inspiration:


She even does moto jackets & bombers:

Scarf game = 100.         PS that’s host Mel Giedroyc stuffing pastries into her pocket. Charming, yes?


What a badass. She’s 80 and wearing stuff 20-year-old models sport – much of which sold out as soon as she wore it on TV. Here’s a fun read on her style icon status.

And from Norma Kamali (a 70-year-old designer and fashion maven in her own right), in an interview by Garance Doré, speaking about style in the 60s:

“If somebody liked what they put together, it would not be strange for them to wear it for 48 hours…people wouldn’t just change their clothes everyday; if you liked what was happening, maybe you’d add another scarf.”


Thank you, Norma, for validating my habit of wearing an outfit that works two days in a row – either with a change of shoes or without.

Enjoy your day!

2 thoughts on “Random Bits of Style Goodness – Mary Berry and Norma Kamali

  1. I love Mary Berry (she’s tough, but fair and knows her stuff) AND I’m loving those floral jackets! (I don’t own any floral jackets but I do have a striped silk blazer that fits perfectly, is a classic style, AND a designer brand – which I NEVER WEAR!!! Why???) Silk blazer with jeans or knit pants or khakis? Why not?

    Thanks for this post!

    1. My mother-in-law thinks Mary is kind of snobbish but I think she’s actually the kinder of the two original judges while still being, as you note, tough and exacting. It must be the posh accent that turns my MIL off – or else she’s been mesmerized by Paul Hollywood’s baby blues!
      Ooh, please for the love of all that is blazerly, break that silk number out! I’d love to see a picture! And I think it would be great with jeans or other casual pants – makes it wearable for everyday, not just a fancy occasion.

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