Thrift Finds: Office Supplies

Thrift stores ain’t just for clothes, ya know!  Home decor, kitchen tools, sports accoutrement, and office supplies are also great things to thrift.   Below are some recently thrifted office supplies that are keeping me sane and on budget.

Delectable ramekin for rubberbands (sadly I will probably never use this for cooking, it’s about 3 levels fancier than my culinary skills care to handle)–$2.92:


Hole punch (for days when I walk to the production room 5 times just to punch documents…walking is healthy but sometimes annoying)–$1.51:


The Office Supply HOLY GRAIL!  Armed with a tape measure and a list of height/width/depth requirements for my monitor and keyboard, I’ve been scouring thrift stores for an even-easier-than-IKEA-hack standing desk.   Lo and behold, after 4 or 5 fruitless trips wherein I had to embrace defeat as a victory of sorts, I found this small filing cabinet and had the decidedly brilliant idea to turn it sideways and take out the drawers.  SO SIMPLE.  Thrifted hack for the win! $5.95:

wp_20150713_16_46_51_pro 6tag_130715-165143



Scroll down to comment on your brilliant thrifted office finds.  Have a great weekend, Thrifters!


4 thoughts on “Thrift Finds: Office Supplies

    1. You straighten them! :)
      I stand here when I’m working at my computer, then sit at a desk chair to do writing, filing, etc. There are a bunch of studies out there saying it’s better for you to stand than to sit all day long, but I did it mainly because it seems to keep me more alert and on task and help me keep better posture.

    1. Yes you should! It looks surprisingly classy/incognito and if you measure the right height for your needs and take a tape measure with you to the thrift store you should be able to find something. PS it helps if your monitor has a relatively decent “neck” (?)–the vertical part between the base and the monitor itself–since most standing desks split the keyboard and monitor into 2 levels.

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