Thrift Finds: September 2017

Let’s take a look back at September’s thrift finds – the stuff I’ve been thrifting as I shift back to a colder climate!

First up, a few dresses bought at the Davis Square Goodwill in search of a good candidate for the town festival. This sleeveless number by Talbots you’ll recognize from the What I Wore post since it ended up being a hot day:

Less orange, more coral in real life.

This striped Gap dress with bracelet-length sleeves also came home with me. With its thick knit it’ll be good for transitional temps; plus the stripes will work in my more casual workplace:


Despite being a color I love and having roll-tab sleeves (y’all know my affection for these), this long-sleeved romper made me feel like a Coachella attendee. Too short and sort of…sloppy? floppy? for my taste and my lifestyle:


I can’t decide if it’s better or worse from the side:


But that miss was redeemed by this scarf win:



Next up was a trip to Sister Thrift in Framingham, which I visited after the one in Watertown. The lighting in the fitting room was abysmal; I apologize in advance.

This sweater had my favorite fitted proportions but too many bobbles on it, like your aunt crocheted it for you in 1986:

IMG_20170921_145925823 (1)

I’m pretty sure there’s a hand-crocheted blanket with that exact motif on the bed in my parents’ guest room.

This cardigan was a great color and had nice drape but was too big across the shoulders/in the sleeves. Wanh-wannnh:


Diane von Furstenberg in the wild! This puppy was 100% silk, my size, and check out that ginko print! I love it. Sadly the white was pretty dingy, the v-neck was waaaaay too low for work, and the hem was too short, so I left it for someone else:


This Caslon sweater dress came home with me, to be paired with leggings. This eBay listing will give you a better idea of the color – it’s much more of a royal blue. Sweater dress + zipper details + pockets = win in my book:


This military green field jacket by United Colors of Benetton also came home with me. Nice and cozy for New England fall, it reminds me of Nancy’s monster-bashing outfit in Stranger Things – which, let’s be honest, is half its appeal. My favorite part is the contrast plaid lining, which no one ever sees…but I know it’s there!



My last thrift stop for September was the Goodwill in Portsmouth, NH, where I was on the hunt for some longer-sleeved casual tops. All my long-sleeved tops are either blouses are sweaters, but in this casual, cool temps environment, I’m finding a big need for more t-shirt-like, long-sleeved tops that can layer under warmer stuff.

Thus I give you this salmon-colored Chico’s 3/4 length top with pearlescent buttons (on the sleeve, too, although you can’t see them here), which is made of Pima cotton and was half off. BAM:


The color is much less dark in real life:

Paired with The Savile Row Co. polka dot vest, thrifted

Here’s another longer-sleeved tee, by Olive & Oak. Yep, those navy and white stripes are pretty similar to the Gap tee I wear to death, but this one has full sleeves, a neck that doesn’t flirtatiously reveal my shoulders, and a fun contrasting stripe there at the bottom. #thriftjustification


Check out that hi-lo hem:


I saw someone rock a warm oatmeal long-sleeved tee under a vest earlier in the day and figured I’d try to replicate it. This one was too greige and washed me out:


But this one, by L.L. Bean, was just the right oatmeal color with a little cream heathering for visual texture (and a mock turtleneck! joy!):


It’s going to be great under my navy vest (see above) and my cream/caramel/grey cardigan from last winter:


Last but not least, a fun cotton moto jacket, by Gap I believe, with sleeves too big, but I thought you all would enjoy it:



What’d y’all thrift last month? Should I have bought the moto jacket? Comment to share your thoughts!



8 thoughts on “Thrift Finds: September 2017

  1. Wait did you get the moto jacket? Cause I love it!
    You picked out such great things! I love. I just told my SO that I needed your help – I have a rack of pretty skirts that I love, they fit, and are stylish enough- but no tops to wear with!
    Plus size thrift shopping is really difficult too. #ATL #curvygirlproblems

    1. I didn’t, the sleeves were weirdly big! :P
      I need to come back to the ATL so we can go thrifting together! I find great plus-sized stuff, one secret (at least in the Goodwills) is that they are not all in the “plus size” rack, they are hidden in amongst the “straight size” stuff – which I think they should be anyway, because “plus” sizes are just…SIZES. Or maybe to make it convenient they should sort everything by size. But I digress.
      You have a really strong skirt game so I’m sending you good vibes to find beautiful tops to go with them!!

  2. Nah, the moto jacket looks a little too restrictive even though you said the sleeves were too big. (Too long?) It’s the kind of thing that when you climb in the car it would feel tight to hold the steering wheel with both hands. I super like the coral dress (and the Chico’s 3/4 sleeve top); coral is such a pretty color, and it looks good on you, too!

    1. Yeah it was a little snug – and I HATE the stretching-to-reach-the-steering-wheel feeling. The sleeves were too… loose? in the forearms and belled out just a bit. It was intentional, I’m sure, but just not my thing, plus I had just bought the field jacket so I tried to restrain myself. :)
      Coral lovers, unite! Glad you like the dress & top.

  3. Other than two neutral cardigans and a silk leopard top I have not had much luck thrifting in the past month. Not that I need much..but still. You have picked up some great finds. I have driven by the Portsmouth Goodwill but as I was with my partner there was no stopping. A shopper he is not! I am glad you are gearing up for the colder weather to come. I do have to add, on a positive note, that NE is beautiful in the autumn and winter. I am looking forward to the cooler weather. Just do not quote me on that come late January.

    1. Jill, we’re on the same page. I’m loving having a true fall again and my kid is super excited about sledding…I think I just need winter to end after the first week of January!
      I’m lucky I can talk my spouse into a “20 minute” sweep since he is usually looking at electronics/speakers/maybe some men’s clothes, but usually it turns out to be 30 minutes+… he’s patient(ish).

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