Thrift Finds/What I Wore: Winter White Sheath Dress

Y’all, this dress was just waiting for me one day in the dress rack at the Goodwill.  If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am a dress woman and that a classic sheath is my go-to look for “polished with a little pizzazz”; their simple cut and embellished nature make them the perfect background for all kinds of accessorized fun.

This particularly chic sheath has already been worn multiple times since I bought it a few weeks ago. (Okay, let’s be honest: it’s been worn multiple times THIS WEEK since I can rock an outfit to church on Sunday AM and then to work later in the week without anyone but my spouse being the wiser.)

It’s a perfect off-white that doesn’t overwhelm my skin tone and that can layer for winter as well as shine on its own for summer:


Turtleneck: Faded Glory, thrifted
Sheath dress: Jacqueline Ferrar, thrifted
Leggings: American Apparel, gift
Earrings: Zuni craftsperson, gift
Necklace: vintage, from my Grandma
Socks: retail
Shoes: gift

A photo posted by LeahLW (@thriftshopchic) on


A photo posted by LeahLW (@thriftshopchic) on



As you can see, it’s been a sensation with my ankle boots (does anyone else refuse to say booties?) and rocked my flats as well.

Now I just have to re-stitch the lining to the hem so it doesn’t ride up every time I sit down.  My sewing skills are pretty minimal but I’m confident I can handle this.


What are your recent thrift finds?  Is there any item you’d see on a rack and just go YES I MUST HAVE THAT because it’s so you?

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9 thoughts on “Thrift Finds/What I Wore: Winter White Sheath Dress

  1. Goodness, yes. I’Ve decided to buy thrift as often as I can but live in a poor rural area so must go elsewhere to find treasures. But recent finds are: embroidered Coldwater Creek wool sweater, 2 boiled wool jackets, rose-colored velvet blazer, high quality “suede” & shearling vest, & small leather cross body purse. Yay!!

  2. I had a great thrifting score yesterday in Avondale, GA. 2 pairs of Columbia shorts (getting ready to walk this summer), a gray wool/acrylic blend cardigan, silk shell and graphic long sleeve t shirt for $27. A few alterations/mending needed but I am a happy camper.

    1. Excellent, Juhli! Glad you found a mix of active and fancier stuff.
      Did you hit up the Salvation Army or perhaps the Finders Keepers consignment shop? Love that part of town for all the good thrifting!

  3. Booties are for babies… and your dress is GORGEOUS! You have a great thrifting eye!

    I would wear that multiple times in a week, and I wouldn’t care who realized it or noticed. Those among us who are trying to dress ourselves more responsibly can be an inspiration to the women who don’t yet understand that wearing clothes over and over again is SMART, and never a bad thing to do.

    1. Janice—thanks for your kind words! (And for your blogroll…I’ve learned a LOT from you and am so glad Vivienne Files readers stop by so often!)
      I’m lucky to work in an environment where most folks are on the bandwagon you describe, so my only goal is to avoid repeating the exact same thing two days in a row in the same setting. Ha.
      Keeping things looking varied for a work environment using accessories/layers/etc. also keeps it fresh for ME. And I figure if I’m not sick of it yet, other people probably aren’t either.

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