Where Do Your T-Shirts Go When They Die?

The Spouse directed me to this Planet Money podcast about where t-shirts go when they die, aka when you donate them to a thrift store but nobody buys them.  That sounds real sad, but fear not–some of them get a really interesting afterlife!

Listen here.


The t-shirt Planet Money made for the original “Life of a T-Shirt” podcast.  I’m scratching my head just like you are.


Have a great weekend, Thrifters!  Check back next week for a little South Georgia thrifting coming to you from the Americus Salvation Army.


2 thoughts on “Where Do Your T-Shirts Go When They Die?

  1. My t-shirts die when I wear holes in them to the point I can’t go out of the house in them. (I still have a nightshirt from when I was 8.) Then they become dusting/paint rags!

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