Fall 10×10 Style Remix: Corduroy Confabulation, or, Part 2

Click here for part 1, an explanation of the 10×10, and what’s included in my 10×10 this round.

Day 6: Olive, Plaid, and Camel Riding Boots

Part of the reason I didn’t count shoes in this 10×10 is because I wanted to mix in fall shoes that either are new to me (hello olive ankle boots) or that haven’t really cemented their place in my wardrobe yet. For example, these Coach riding boots:

IMG_20171017_174410736This is why you read the blog – so you can see the trash can blooper shots that never make it to Instagram.

As you can read in this post, I was uncertain how their looser shaft was going to look, particularly over skinny pants. I’ve let a mental image of…floppiness? keep me from reaching for them. But how great do they look with these corduroy pants, which are also a touch on the looser side?


I love how the bag and boots play off each other without being the exact same shade. And as someone on Instagram said, that scarf makes the whole look.

Let’s get a closeup on that tan-navy-sky blue plaid over the olive sweater:


10/10 on this outfit. I love that while it’s mostly made up of neutrals, it’s still a very warm and visually interesting palette. Plus the scarf/boots/bag brings the polish that makes me feel really put together for work.


Day 7: Bling Sweater and Bronze Flats

This outfit feels very…ritzy PTA mom to me. It has polish, but in a way that feels less interesting, more expected. I think my olive ankle boots (or taupe/cream snakeskin boots!!) would have kicked this up a notch, but I needed something I could really walk in for the day’s activities, so flats it was.  5/10 on this outfit.


So shiny!


These socks are meant to be Donegal tweed-esque but in photographs just end up looking like they have lint stuck to them. If my cream/taupe chevron socks hadn’t been in the wash they would have been a much better choice:



Day 8: Navy + Purple

From PTA mom we go all the way almost to athleisure, with that vest and those Puma sneaks. It’s actually the “shop my closet” version of these New Hampshirite outfits I admired a few weeks ago, and I love how the navy and deep purple turned out with the light sweater providing some visual relief from the dark colors:


I love that hi-lo split hem peeking out! Just a little visual interest to keep it fun.

For those of you keeping score at home, this vest was not in my 10×10.  Yep, I “cheated,” and it totally made the outfit:


10/10 on this one.


Day 9: Charcoal & Purple

My notes from last week’s outfit with this sweater were right on – the slimmer-fitting pant makes the silhouette. I feel like the 2017 version of the Chico’s women I aspired to be when I was 12:


The colors here are stellar even though, let’s be honest, this pale skin was not made for how dark this all is – at least not without some kind of dramatic eye and lip makeup. 9/10 for that.

You know it’s right when the keynote speaker at the conference you’re attending compliments your boots:



Day 10: Bling over Cream

Despite the expression on my face, I think this is actually a better incarnation of this sweater than Day 7. Somehow the cream cords instead of dark denim makes me feel less like Alison from Orphan Black:


It also made me look more dressy for church, since this was worn on a Sunday. The expression you’re seeing is my “I just emoted for 6 hours straight without a nap” face.  xD

8/10 on this one – it’s amazing what a change of sock and color palette will do!


Wrap Up

Here are my 10 outfits:

IMG_20171011_165146803 (1) IMG_20171012_164946896_BURST001 IMG_20171013_172003826 IMG_20171014_104252838 IMG_20171016_173106085 (1) IMG_20171017_174118779  IMG_20171018_172539669 IMG_20171019_174641837 IMG_20171021_173513959 IMG_20171022_160912944

What I learned:

  • My faves are 1, 5, 6, and 8. (Honorable mention to 9 except it’s so darn dark!) I think the common thread there is the warmth of the palettes (except 8) and the fact that they all have some little extra attention to detail – a scarf or a vest that makes the outfit.
  • I’m excited to keep mixing and matching these sweaters & cords and to bring my green and grey cords and my other sweaters back into the mix (plus the two other pairs of tall boots I bought in preparation for New England and haven’t even worn yet!).
  • I think I’m honing in on that warm but muted palette I liked here (olive, taupe, caramel, cream, salmon), so it will be fun to try to focus on that amidst all the possibilities in my closet and in the thrift store!
  • I’m also going to try to continue playing with volume and drape on top, too – the dishwater, batwing, and semi-cropped loose sweaters were a lot of fun and reminded me that not everything has to fit slim for me to like it.

Which was your favorite of my 10? Did you do the 10×10? If so, what did you learn?


8 thoughts on “Fall 10×10 Style Remix: Corduroy Confabulation, or, Part 2

  1. A very successful 10 x 10 challenge, probably my favorite of the ones I’ve seen! And FWIW I like the bling sweater with the dark pants better… just a matter of taste, I guess. I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Thanks, Gail, for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed it. :) I think even just swapping out sock color or shoes for ankle boots will help me like that sweater/jeans combo more… I have several more months of cool/cold weather to find out!

  2. 6 is the best of the best in my opinion. Just love the light pants, riding boots and how the scarf brings it all together. 4 was the second favorite, I love the unique fall color of those pants and the white sweater is very New England and looks cozy. I think 9 is probably better in person, but it was hard to distinguish the colors in the photos. I also thrifted a pair of burgundy cords last month (the zipper broke on my other pair), cords are so great for fall. I enjoy your finds and the creativity in putting your outfits together.

    1. Thanks Emmy! I love that #4 looks “very New England.” You’re right about distinguishing the colors on 9 – I couldn’t get the colors right without totally washing them out.
      Yes to cords in the fall!! Enjoy your burgundy ones :)

  3. Day 7 and 8 looks are awesome! The combination of your hairstyles and the skinnier jeans (they look great with any top) make the difference! As for socks – ‘just say no’ to light colored socks.

    1. Thanks A! I was late to the skinny/slim pants party but do not regret finally getting on board; they just make everything feel polished.
      Re: light colored socks – I’ve been wearing OUT my one pair and keep thinking I need to find more, ha! I like that they can either elongate my cream-colored corduroys (Day 10) or be a pop of lighter color to pick up a lighter-colored sweater on top (Day 4). I’d love to know why you dislike them, please share!!

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