Friday ReBlog: Too Cheap Blondes

Thanks to reader Kiki for recommending a new blog I think y’all will like: Too Cheap Blondes.

(A grammar pun? I’m already on board).

Pippa and Jen are Houston thrifters with a great variety of posts on all things thrift: tips, DIYs/rehabs, styling ideas, recreating trends, how to tell quality vs. quackery, capsule wardrobes, thrift makeovers, cowboy boots (the native born Texan in me is swooning), etc.  I have a feeling it’s gonna take me awhile to get through their archives.

Hint: to find their blog scroll down the home page about 3/4 of the way.

If you don’t have time to binge read right now, their list of tips for thrifting is a great place to start.  I love their point about not limiting yourself to the designer/boutique section of the thrift store; you can find great stuff there but often designer/brand names slip through the cracks and end up in the regular areas for a fraction of the price.

One personal caveat vis-à-vis the above list: they advise skipping lower end brands, and generally that’s wise.  But some of my longer-lasting thrift finds are by Merona [Target], Forever 21, George [Walmart].  I find it’s really about the quality of the fabric and construction, which oddly is sometimes good even with cheap labels and conversely is not necessarily great even with name brands.
Any Houstonians out there excited to find these local ladies?  Any other great posts in their archives to which you want to direct our attention?

Remember, I’m sharing this blogging goodness thanks to Kiki’s recommendation; do your fellow thrifters a solid and list your favorite thrift blogs in the comments below, or, better yet, in the comments on last week’s cry for help where others can find them!

As always, happy weekend, Thrifters.


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