What I Wore: Office Sick Day

Yesterday I had a head cold from Hades. (I still have it, but now it’s from, say, Hoboken.)

I spent a good 15 minutes in bed trying decide whether to go to work or stay home.

But yesterday was my boss’ first day back after 4 weeks out of town. And a new program year is breathing down our necks. And I had 3 meetings scheduled. And someone had to drive the kiddo to daycare regardless.

So I went to work, but in the most comfortable work-appropriate clothing possible, which I had most fortuitously thrifted over the weekend due to my inability to say no to comfortable dresses and stripes (and this shade of blue!):


(I also wore leggings because this dress is a bit short for bending over, and my boss’ office is freezing. But by the time these pictures were taken I’d returned home and it was too hot and too casual to cover my legs.)

(Also also, sick hair is so easy when you don’t wash or blow dry your hair, ever. More on that Thursday!)

This striped J. Crew number is 100% cotton with a linen-like feel – no, scratch that, it feels like pajamas. Which is why I wore it.

I cuffed the sleeves to give them some definition and attitude. Then I added polish in the lowest-fuss, least energy-consuming way I could think of – easy accessories.

Jewelry that doesn’t catch or rub or get in the way – my trusty cuff and a chain that fits right over my head:



You may recognize this pendant as repurposed from here. What do you think of the main bead swap and the extra beads on top?

Plus these fun thrifted anchor earrings:


(I slept in these – laziest jewelry ever.)

Casual but polished sandals and my already painted toes, and sassy side zips made it slightly more urban, slightly less beach:

All of this combined to make my drippy, stuffed up self feel ready for Netflix bingeing but look ready for summer office casual.


What are your shortcuts when you feel like shite but still have to show up somewhere?  Scroll down to comment!





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