Friday ReBlog: Podcast Interview with The Vivienne Files + The Uncluttered Life

I’m in the middle of listening to this ~50 minute interview with Janice Riggs of The Vivienne Files and I love the way she thinks and talks about clothes. So far she’s covered quality vs. quantity, uniform vs. capsule, signature style, and the stellar idea that your clothes should reflect your personality but not take up so much of your time that they get in the way of doing the IMPORTANT STUFF in your life. (It’s also really fun to hear the voice behind all the words I read at her stellar blog.)

The interview is conducted by Betsy Talbot of An Uncluttered Life, a new-to-me blog and podcast about removing the extraneous in your life so you can have the freedom to focus on your true passions – whether that’s family, your own business, hobbies, service, travel, etc.  I’m just starting to dig through the archives but have found some good stuff, and love the straightforward, clear writing style.

The interview with Janice is part of the Talbots’ Life Lab registration-only course, so unfortunately you can’t download it for listening outside of a browser window.  I know nothing about the Life Lab other than that Janice’s interview is included in it, but if you want more information you can sign up for updates here.


A note to all of you readers who trek over here from The Vivienne Files – thank you, I’m so glad you stop by so regularly!  This post may be old news to you – or it may be a reminder to listen to this great podcast you saw on The VF but never got around to actually opening.

Do you dig podcasts and want more featured in Friday ReBlog?  Or do you prefer blog posts you can scroll through and read?  Let me know!


Happy Weekend, Thrifters!


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