Friday ReBlog: Keeping a Piece Past a Year, Anti-Hauls, and the Bag I Should Not Have Bought

A couple of interesting bits for you today on this lovely Friday.

First up: the comments in this post over at Un-Fancy are a great discussion on when/why/how you let go of a piece – do you follow the oft-cited “if you haven’t worn it in a year, let it go”?  Or do you stash away classic faves to see if you love them again in a year?  I tend much more towards the former, but I have stashed away one or two pieces (e.g. sailor pants) of which I’m not currently enamored but have a lot of personality and that I can see myself loving again.


Next: have you heard of “haul” videos on You Tube?  The idea is to go out and buy a bunch of stuff (or thrift – but usually these are retail affairs), and then make a video showing off your clothing/makeup/shoe purchases.  It’s a weird blend of consumer excess and vicarious living and I can’t bring myself to watch them.

(There’s some hypocrisy here of course because I do monthly “thrift finds” posts where I show you what I thrifted in the last month. I imagine they do inspire more consumption when you see a look you’d like to emulate, but since you won’t be able to go out and buy the same exact thing, and I don’t make money off of you clicking through to buy a piece I found, I’m okay with it.  Plus I love seeing what others have thrifted even when it’s totally not my cup of tea.)

To the topic at hand: apparently there is also the anti-haul, pioneered by Kimberly Clark and profiled by Anna of The Anna Edit here.  Kimberly’s anti-haul mantra is “Don’t need it.  Not gonna buy it.”  The idea is you go through products (in this case makeup) and describe why they’re not worth buying.  I love that there is someone out there doing this.  It’s a good corrective for those days when I waltz into a thrift store, see a bag that fits the parameters I’ve been looking for, and then realize I am happy with the bag I have and have no reason to purchase a new one (I thought I needed two, one for winter and one for summer, but that is a lie).  “Don’t need it.  Not gonna buy it.”  Thanks Kimberly.

But it was snakeskin print…

But whoops, I did buy that bag because it was before I read about anti-hauls.  (That’s no excuse, I should know not to buy bags I don’t need.)  Luckily for me, though, the purchase went to a great cause because I was shopping at Out of the Closet, a new (to Atlanta) thrift store benefiting the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.  Look for a post about it next week!


Alright y’all, I’m off to enjoy the weekend.  Happy thrifting!


4 thoughts on “Friday ReBlog: Keeping a Piece Past a Year, Anti-Hauls, and the Bag I Should Not Have Bought

  1. I’ll admit that I love the thrift haul videos. It’s fun to see what others find in thrift stores (or even what is out there), sort of like thrifting vicariously. I’ll admit that I do have a hard time leaving something behind if I like it and it fits. Often, if I have something similar at home, I’ll donate the one I don’t like quite as much. I like the idea of an anti-haul video or a closet clean out video (what gets kept and what gets donated and why).

    1. Emmy, I do too – and I love watching haul videos from folks who are buying, say, 3 things to add to their capsule wardrobes and discuss their additions thoughtfully. I guess it’s all about the ethics and/or moderation?
      I completely do “thrift upgrades” when I find something similar but better than what I have at home. It’s one of the reasons I’ll never stop thrifting – you never know when you’ll find a more excellent version of something you already love!
      Thanks for commenting :)

    1. Isn’t she a trip? She’s got some great “listen up” videos on various ethical/justice issues too which I’ve enjoyed. Glad you enjoyed, Mame!

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