Friday ReBlog: Spending More to Look Better

As part of our conversation on whether thrifting saves you money, Ginna sent me this post by Patrice from Fly on a Dime.

Her point is the same that Ginna made earlier in the week: if you are willing to spend more on fewer items, you’ll end up with a tighter, gorgeous wardrobe you love that lasts.  “I used to classify a thrift shopping trip as a success if I walked away with a ton of stuff,” Patrice says. “Now, I’m happy with one or two killer items.”

I totally get this.  As I commented on a post last week, I now feel weird walking out of the thrift store with my arms piled high with “finds” – it most likely means I have veered way outside my standards of really LOVING an item and/or tried to fill a hole in my wardrobe all in one go without taking time to figure out what I will actually wear.

If I come out with “one or two killer items” – or none! – it means I stuck to my guns and let my style speak clearly.


Has anyone else experienced the shift that Patrice observes?  And isn’t her style fabulous??  Peruse her archives for some other great posts.

Happy Friday, Thrifters!


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