Friday ReBlog: Thriftanista in the City + Unclaimed Baggage

Did you know there is a magical thrift-like land where the insides of lost luggage goes to be cleaned and put up for (very decently priced) sale?  Neither did I!

It’s called Unclaimed Baggage and I learned about it from Troy of Thriftanista in the City.  Also a denizen of the great metro ATL area, she made a pilgrimage there last year and recently rocked one of her unclaimed finds with a pair of originally $178 j. brand white jeans she found at Goodwill.  My kind of woman.

Troy has a great sense for color and shape and the ability to use a sewing machine to patch up pieces that need a little love.  I love seeing what she puts together on her Instagram feed and her blog.

Pretty sure Unclaimed Baggage is now on my (thrift) bucket list.  3 hours+ driving time isn’t too crazy for a secondhand pilgrimage, right??


Where would you LOVE to go thrifting?

Have a great weekend, Thrifters!


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